Throughout the ages, sacred art has served as a vehicle of communion with the Divine. Yantras, mandalas, petroglyphs, and pictographs have all been utilised in order to connect with the magic at the heart of life. The portraits I produce offer a doorway into a profound depth of connection with that magic, as they express the beauty of who you truly are. They are a call into remembrance of your essence, heart-opening, healing, and transformative.

Weaving colour and geometry into a seamless whole, they are Divine blueprints which serve the purpose of working to align you with the embodied expression of who you truly are and all that makes available in terms of greater inner freedom. Bringing you into a greater capacity for true intimacy, joy, connection, and abundance, as you deepen in living from your heart’s truth rather than from your conditioned perceptions or beliefs regarding yourself, others, and the world around you.

Consider them a mirror in which you are able to see yourself clearly without any form of distortion, and then consider the gift of what is made available when you are clearly seen and met exactly as you are.

To see yourself as the Divine sees you, to see yourself through the eyes of love.

You will receive:

• Your Portrait – frequency encoded specifically for you
• 1:1 session – for connection to your portrait

Exchange: £350 GBP